About Me

From an early age I was intrigued... 

with the concept of converting story into imagery. Consistently encouraged by my parents, my childhood was an engagement of art programs and a well maintained resource of materials to explore various art forms.


Upon graduating from high school, I enrolled in the Hussian School of Art in my native Philadelphia, earning a degree in Specialized Technology after completing a 4 year program  majoring in Illustrative Design. There I subsequently taught for 7 years in addition to performing as a freelance commercial artist in a variety of applications. 


Over time, I discovered that apart from the commercial art industry, my self directed 2 dimensional paintings resonated with an audience that was willing to embrace my adaptive fine art expression.  During this time, my work was featured in print, solo and group exhibitions and corporate events. Although never fully abandoning art as a primary passion, much of the intermediary years which ensued were dedicated to motherhood, teaching, and as an assistant in my family’s carpentry business. 


(Still/yet) Left unquenched, my unrelenting passion for creativity and the (development) of the human spirit through visualization is now captured in a new body of dimensional work that has been over a decade in the making. Innately drawn to the endless possibilities of mixed media, my concentrated exploration into the concept of “creating without limits”, has resulted in this emergent style.


An unbridled approach, the mode of sculptural painting is reflected as a (culmination)/consummation of my engagement as craftsperson, “crafty mom”, illustrator and fine artist. The intent behind the utilization of diverse mediums, (a construct of traditional artistic materials combined with items of common use repurposed), is to create a captivating sensory display that compels engagement with the unique narrative of each work. 


Currently residing in Philadelphia with my husband of 27 years, together we have 2 adult children, (a creative director and a skillful freelance illustrator), both artists within their own right.